What is Trending in 2023?

I want to share with you a few tips when selecting pieces of art for your home and share the looks that are trending in 2023.

I believe art selection is a bit like a search & rescue mission. Go on the hunt for originals, prints and sculptural objects. Have faith in your selections. You are the connoisseur of your visual palate. Collecting takes time and effort. Try not to rush the process. Below are two canvases I have recently completed. One for a lovely client who lives in a beautiful modern classic apartment on the beach in Manly & the other I did for me. I love the diversity of the two pieces. Once again love them or loathe them, art selection is a personal choice.

Large-Scale Abstracts

There’s nothing quite like the visual impact of large-scale artworks. They are usually unique custom pieces. They instantly capture your attention and demand appreciation.

Abstract style is subjective and non-representational. Artists paint intuitively using shape, form, colour and line work in modern freedom of expression. These two pieces are very different but evoke the feeling of how beautiful nature is.

Two or Three Paintings Hung Side by Side

The use of diptych (2 pieces of art) and triptych (3 pieces of art) pieces add symmetry and balance with tonal and texture into a space. I love this look especially above bedheads and side boards. You need to take into consideration ceiling heights when selecting size and scale to use.

Minimalistic Colour Palette

When it comes to colour, artworks with minimalistic palettes are trending. This is because many people have adopted a “less is more” approach to interior styling. Minimalistic, earthy-toned palettes have a calming quality. I love both of these looks that these two talented artists have created. They can sit comfortably in many different style of interiors.

Textured Artworks

Displaying textured artwork injects personality and interest into an otherwise bland space. Textured art work uses different mediums to create a physical or tactile surface texture. I have been using texture for years. The beauty of this style never seems to date.

Vintage Frames

How beautiful and interesting are these rooms with art work featured? Placement of art is particularly important to get right here.

Mixing Media

If you want to look like a serious art collector, hang a variety of mediums in one room. I love the look of art appearing intentional.

Mix an oil painting sitting beside two graphic prints and colourful stacked mixed media pieces. The key is in the mix and the combinations are endless. Combine line drawing and photography for a very curated look. Look to balance scale, subject and negative space.

I hope you like this blog post. Please leave a comment on what other topics you would like to see here.




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