Defining Our Style

This week on the build we are sharing a little more on the progress of our home.  It was an exciting week with ag pipes and water proofing being completed on the back wall of the lower level of the property. It was also a great week weather wise, with only a little rain, which was a total blessing. The build team managed to do the suspended slab for the garage and front living spaces, fitting in the concrete pour before knock off on Friday afternoon. It is so good to see the house coming out of the ground.

We are starting to get the feel now of the size and shape of our home. You invest so much time on all the details of the interior and exterior that it is so satisfying when you can start to see yourself living in these spaces. We have a view to the lagoon and the beach from the back of house. I can’t wait until the frame is up to see the full extent of the view from the next level.

Our Exterior

I thought I would share the look or vision of the design that we went with for the facade of our home. I am getting quite a few questions on the gram about what style we have chosen for the home.

We are definitly not minimalist design kinda people. I love mixing old and new pieces in interiors so it is natural for me to mix modern & classic styles when it comes to the exterior. Being originally from Queensland, one thing I do really miss living in NSW is the traditional Queenslander homes. (I definitely don’t miss the humidity or cane toads). Growing up in Brisbane I was surrounded by these homes.  I love everything about these traditional exteriors. The classic Queenslander never dates or goes out of style.

So with that architectural influence, we aimed to do a more modern look with a Queenslander flavour.  What we as a family needed was a home for all five adults who can work or study from home. So we have created lots of zones for all our needs. We also love gathering friends and family and having cosy spaces to enjoy our own personal space. I have always wanted lots of verandahs and a white home for as long as I can remember. So we are combining the elegance of a Queenslander with the soft casual feel of a beach house and detail of a modern farm house to cozy it up for every season.

Vision Queenslander – Beach House – Modern Farm House Vision

Some of my favourite images

Queenslander / Beach House / Modern Barn are the styles we have blended into our design. The exterior design style that prioritises practicality, simplicity and charm.

The modern Queenslander style we wanted also adds in aspects from modern European barns, Belgian farmhouse, coastal and Scandinavian styles. It all begins with a neutral colour palette and builds out from there.

Modern farmhouses tend to be painted in white or off-white colors. The monochromatic white farmhouse style is popular and can look fantastic on houses with lots of different textures and plentiful depth and dimension. Modern white farmhouses also frequently use high-contrast black trim and accents. We really love the look of black and white which we have previously used in the interiors of our previous homes.

To add in a feeling of supreme comfort and relaxation, you can’t go past the style of a coastal home. This style evokes feelings of long summer holidays and calming ocean breezes, signifying our love for the beauty we see in our natural coastal environments – no matter where you live.

Queenslander – Beach House – Modern Barn Vision

Some of my favourite images

Some of the features narrowed down to create the look on the exterior:
  • Roofs in metal compliment both beach house / farm house.
  • Board and battern or clad siding vertically or horizontally.
  • A classic is a white facade with black or metal trims or feature exterior lighting.
  • Decorative timber works.
  • Verandas
  • Exterior staircases.
  • Garage doors often have window features at the top of the door.
  • Front doors are painted in a contrast colour.
  • Stone walls.
I can’t wait to get into the interiors and garden. I have already started on the plants for the garden so doing a few layouts which I’ll share with you soon.

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